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Balito Microlight Club (BMC) is a private aviation club situated just inland of the town of Ballito on the South African North Coast.
Our members fly microlights (Aquillas), light aircraft (Slings, Foxbats, RVs, Cubs, etc) and helicopters (Rotorway, Robbies, etc)
The club is also the home of the Ballito Microlight School which offers training and hire and fly (see Links below)

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Esenembi Road (next to Collisheen Estate), Durban North Coast, South Africa
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The Ballito airfield is situated within King Shaka International Airport's CTR (KSIA/FALE) and as such all aircraft are required to be radio and transponder equipped and all pilots must be members of the club or approved visitors.

The airspace from ground to 1000ft AMSL around the airfield is known as the Ballito Box and includes the Ballito Corridor between the airfield and the CTR boundary at the Etete Pioneer Bakery to the North East (around the North of Shaka's Kraal).

The airfield must be opened and closed with King Shaka via telephone on a daily basis. There is a red(closed) / green (open) LED light system on the main entrance hanagar and a backup flag system at the airfield entrance (flown at half mast while the LED system is operable) to indicate the box status. Once open, the box and corridor may be flown without radio contact with King Shaka ATC (the airspace appears as an obstacle on radar when open) but all aircraft are to broadcast position reports and intentions to Ballito Traffic on 124.2 (which is also the Dbn Spec Rules frequency) and to squawk 1440 at all times.

There is also a special VFR route within the FALE CTR between the airfield and Sheffield beach known as the Blue Route. Permission must be obtained from King Shaka Tower on 118.45 to use this route and you will remain under ATC control in the route. As this route crosses the extended centre line of FALE's runway 06 the maximum altitude is 1000ft AGL (approx 1300ft AMSL).

NB: Pilots returning from cross countries and visitors must ensure the box is open before entering by listening out for Ballito circuit or traffic reports on 124.20 or by contacting King Shaka Tower on 118.45.

Local Airfields / Airspaces

All Ballito aircraft to squawk 1440 while anywhere in the Durban Special Rules area unless otherwise instructed by King Shaka ATC.

Name Coords DDM(S) Frequency Elevation Runways Weather Telephone
Ballito Airfield S29 29.4 (24s)
E031 10.6 (36s)
TFC 124.20 200ft 08/26 500m Grass, 18/36 300m Grass
Durban Special Rules TFC 124.20 500 ft below TMA
King Shaka (FALE) S29 36.7 (42s)
E031 07.2 (12s)
TWR 118.45 APP 125.75 GND 121.65 ATIS 127.00 304ft 06/24 3700m Tar 032 435 5002
Margate (FAMG) S30 51.5 (30s)
E030 20.5 (30s)
RDO 122.70 498ft 05/233 1344m Tar 039 312 0560
Pietermaritzburg (FAPM) S29 38.9 (54s)
E030 23.9 (54s)
TWR 122.00 APP 125.75 (FALE) 2423ft 16/34 1537m Tar 033 392 3103
Richards Bay (FARB) S28 44.4 (24s)
E032 05.6 (36s)
TWR 118.90 109ft 15/23 1300m Tar 035 789 9630/0119
Virginia (FAVG) S29 46.2 (12s)
E031 03.5 (30s)
TWR 120.60 20ft 05/23 925m Tar 031 563 4213


ISA (International Standard Atmosphere)
Altitude: Sea Level Temp: 15°C / 59°F QNH: 1013.25mbs / 29.92 in/HG DALR: 9.8°C/1000m or 3°C/1000ft (Dry Adiabatic Lapse Rate)

Feet Meters
Fahrenheit Celsius
USG UKG Litres (750kgs/m3 density)
Stone Pounds Kilograms

Contact Us (Committee 2023)

Name Position Cell Email
Anthony Holdcroft Chairman 074 158 8896
Len Kohler Treasurer 083 274 7838
Bryan Swanepoel Secretarial 082 880 2521
Derek Love Maintenance 083 265 9517
Theo Moolman Social 083 386 0837



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